You know I used to LOVE sending people on blind dates. Today you can go online and learn everything about a person. What they look like, what they listen to, what they're interested in...


Mark Daniels said...

Except that even after four clicks, you likely know nothing about the person.

Funny strip anyway.

6:50 PM  
Grins said...

How could I have missed your blog in the past??? Love the toons.

8:33 PM  
Paul said...

Good stuff. I'd expect there to be more cartoonists' blogs around, but they're difficult to find.

Are you syndicated? Hoping to be?

Thanks for a good read.


1:20 PM  
JT said...

Gosto de seu cĂ´mico

9:05 AM  
Stoopidgirl said...

I blame Myspace for my current relationship...scary, I'll probably mary the guy :P

Glad to see someone keeping Doodles alive...I'm a former I"m just too buy...but I keep my camera steady at my side.
Happy blogging

9:13 PM  

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