The weirdest thing has been happening to me lately. Every time I turn the radio on, the SAME song is playing. Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe you're crazy. Probably.


Bruno said...

It's bad form to laugh at your own jokes, but I was laughing as I drew this one. Even though I'm willing to bet there will be people who just won't get it. That's fine.

11:59 PM  
márcio said...

haehaiehaeaheaheaiea... Sensational! And don't be ashamed, I love to laugh at my own jokes too. :)

1:52 AM  
Sera Skywalker said...

Dude, this kills me. :D Seriously! Great work! Stupid song.. ;)

10:19 AM  
Bruno said...

The sad part is, I actually thought that song ROCKED when it first came out, and had it on repeat for hours at home.

Today it feels like I still have it on repeat, everywhere else.

6:32 PM  
todd said...


I was just thinking this today. That freakin' song is on ALLLLLL THEEEEE TIMMME NOW. Why do they have to ruin things like that.

12:05 PM  
kimberly said...

This one made me laugh til I CRIED cuz I am SO. DAMN. SICK. of that song! Thanks for the laugh!

10:25 PM  
Nick said...

Ha, I got it, especially since I like Gnarls Barkley, just not that song. It was overplayed, and to those confused about the joke in the comic, I'm not helping you! It'd ruin the joke.

7:04 AM  

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