Holy @#$%! We're in the newspaper! Uh oh. Do I have to start behaving now? No, but I think you have to stop cursing. Otherwise I probably have to use those symbols when you do. I noticed. I hate these #$@&$ things.

That's right. The Kansas City Star has recently debuted K City on their weekly Preview section, and will be running selected strips (in color!) at least through the end of September. Download a PDF of the premiere of K City in print if you missed it.


American Copywriter said...

Yay for K.

Yay for B.

Yay for KCity.

Nice work.

12:03 PM  
Grins said...

I see Kay is sporting clevage now that she has hit the big time.

8:29 PM  
Rey said...

this strips are awesome.

12:23 AM  
NCTRNL said...

CONGRATS!!! Just make sure Rey isn't your editor...

5:21 AM  
George Walberg said...


6:09 AM  
Márcio said...

Parabéns!!! (congratulations!)

12:15 PM  
kel said...

Ha! I saw that in the lunchroom at work and blurted out, "Hey! I kinda know that guy... in a weird, internet-world kind of way."


6:27 PM  
KFad said...

It's great to see K City in the Preview section. Congrats, Bruno!

9:09 AM  
Angela said...

Congrats! You're so big time now.

7:58 AM  
Lee said...


2:14 PM  

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