Ok, so despite what happened four months ago, tonight I'm going out with Cory again. It's part of the 'try everything twice' initiative. Show me one girl who actually enjoyed the first time she had sex. Exactly.


Anonymous said...

I miss K's cleavage.

7:06 AM  
Grins said...

My son's name is Cory Bruno...please don't let K date a Cory. It gives me the oogies.

12:58 PM  
cash said...

You can talk about sex in the KC comics section? Then I am moving to Missouri. Or Kansas. Or wherever the hell Kansas City is.

11:59 PM  
Bruno said...

Technically, the Star is not printing every strip, only selected ones. So I'm guessing we'll be selecting some of the tamer ones -- though the first strip they printed had the word "douchebag" in it, which I think is pretty badass.

11:37 AM  
Grins said...

Very badass...lol

8:30 PM  

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