we spent the weekend hitting the bars... then this morning they all hit back


scooterj said...

Bruno! Foiund your site thanks to Tony's Kansas City! Love the strips! You're on my bookmarks now. -Scoot-

6:37 AM  
scooterj said...

BTW is this particular strip set at Harry's Country Club by chance? (I know elsewhere you mention one as being set at Kelly's.)

9:16 AM  
Bruno said...

Actually, yes. And you win a prize for figuring that out. I guess there's not a lot of bars in town who still have their bartenders wear ties and aprons, huh?

9:57 AM  
Kansouri said...

Hey B - This is great work. I worked at Kelly's in the late '80s but hardly go back now cause I feel old - you've got Westport down. Just curious, is there a K? And, is there a love/hate pending love hookup between B & K?

2:09 PM  
Bruno said...

Thanks for the comment, Kansouri.

I talk about K in the about page. And as for a B/K hook-up, stay tuned. There's a strip coming soon about that exact subject. It's a funny one, too.

8:12 PM  

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