Hey didn't you use to work at this bar on the Plaza? --Yeah, I quit that place. The crowd there was way too attractive. --How is that a problem? --They needed less drinks to make the people around them look good. Less drinks mean less tips for me. --Dude, you're going to make some mad cash tonight.


Bruno said...

I've drawn a bartender in this comic strip twice before. Both times I drew him in the likeness of a bartender at my favorite bar here, but never actually told the guy.

Last night I walked into said bar and he told me one of his regulars had told him to check out the strip. And he did. He must have liked it, because he walked back in and, minutes later, brought back the printed out strips. Plus, he didn't ask for royalties, which I guess is a good thing for me.

For this strip, I had to choose someone else as a "model" for the bartender and a different bar for the background, of course: I would never say anything bad about my favorite bar.

Oh, and lastly, I like B's role in this strip. Early on, in the weeks I spent trying to decide on the characters' names and stuff, I pondered for a week or two about making B not have any lines. If only I was smart enough to have made it work, that would have been funny.

10:56 PM  
George Walberg said...

Is the usual guy at Harry's Country Club in the River Market?

8:23 AM  
Bruno said...

You know it.

8:49 AM  
NCTRNL said...

I'm at Harry's all the time. Does that mean I have seen you there? What a small world. Man...

9:04 AM  
Bruno said...

You probably have. If you've ever seen anyone doodling there, then you definitely have.

8:17 AM  
márcio said...

What's the meaning of "doodling"? "Rabiscando"?

8:41 PM  
scooterj said...

I can think of more than a few places where this current strip could possibly be set. ;)

2:11 PM  

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