Do you think bloggers open themselves up too much?<br />--I think it kind of depends on the blogger. Some of them can write about pretty personal stuff, yes. --This guy wrote about what he had for breakfast today. --And details of his workout this morning. This guy clearly sees every little thing as something to blog about. --So why has he written nothing about us sleeping together last night?!

Every once in a while I'll try to write a strip about a particular topic. Knowing that I was going to be featured in a Kansas City Star article about bloggers in the city, I've had this one (and a possible sequel) ready for when the article came out.

And it's in the paper today. To get some of my thoughts on why and how I blog these comic strips, read "Meet the Bloggers" online or pick up a copy of the Star today (it's in the front page of the FYI section).


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Self Incrimination!

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