Let's say you were stuck on a desert island forever. Would you want to be there with a super hot dumb guy or someone smart who makes you laugh, entertains you, but you just can't get attracted to? --Are there agave plants in this particular island? --What? The ones you make tequila from?-- Yeah. Because in that case, I could go with the ugly dude, and then learn to ferment those so the two of us could do shots. --So that he would start looking good and you could have sex with him. --First, it's a biological need. Second, like you've never done it before.


Bruno said...

We had this exact discussion on Friday night but it turns out I had misunderstood the original question. The conclusions were the same, though.

10:27 PM  
worstweatherever said...

wow, tremendous!

10:33 PM  

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