Tasch said...

You've got a great comic strip. I hope you get settled and back to it soon.

9:05 AM  
chris said...

if you stop making the strip, how will i ever get closure on the sexual tension between K and B!??!?!

and what am i supposed to do with my pages and pages of k city fan fiction???

think of the fans, bruno, the fans!

9:38 AM  
Jane said...

I say keep the strip going as it is! There's no need to rename it- why waste all of the positive brand associations?

9:55 AM  
Mike Maddaloni said...

Hi Bruno - First off, welcome to Chicago! I moved here 3 years ago, and just resign yourself that you will never get to every corner or eat at every sushi bar right away, and you will be fine!

I just started reading your strip about a month ago - I think I saw your icon on the MyBlogLog widget on theeightfold.com? I enjoyed reading the strip, and the fact that it is in a blog and delivered in my new medium - the RSS feed - kept me on board.

I know a little bit about being all gung-ho on publishing online and then it gets stuck in a rut. I have a personal Web site that has fallen by the wayside, and even though I work in Web development, it is just not top of mind. However, people stil visit it and I get lots of feedback from people, even though there isn't any fresh content.

For myself, I need to make a commitment - and a plan - to make it happen. What you're doing - opening it up to your readers and fans - is a great step, and one I should probably do. But in the end, it is truly what you want to do.

Good luck with that, and if you want to chat about it over an Old Style, let me know!


9:56 AM  
Michael said...

Home is home even if the strip takes a tour of other cities. The personalities of your characters are K City.

How do they handle Chicago? That could make some good comedy.

Take Care

2:22 PM  
Logtar said...

I think you should continue... the soul of the city is still with you...

I am from Chicago and now I live in KC. I love this city almost as much as I love Chicago, and there are some similarities believe it or not... Whatever you decide to do, good luck.

4:07 PM  
B-ryan said...

i say u should have K and B move to chicago and call it windy city. i mean u say that k city are stories about your experience in kansas city. now that u live in chicago, make strips about your experience in a new city. and its true what chris said...there needs to be some kind of closure between K and B's sexual tension

2:35 AM  
Márcio said...

You should keep making the strip. The name doesn't matter. Não importa o nome, mas sim o conteúdo.

12:13 AM  
Xuberance said...

As much as the comic strip refers to life in KC, it's ultimately about YOU, the artist. I say move them to Chicago. If nothing else, when you're 90 and write your memoirs, it will be a marker to help you remember when the hell you moved to Chicago. :) Miss you, B.

8:18 AM  
Michael said...

Don't worry, everybody's patiently waiting for the new strips, whatever name they'll end up with (though, on a personal note I've grown quite attached to K City).
But what the heck, I'm from Munich in Germany, I won't notice the subtle differences in bar interior and local gossip anyhow.
Get settled, have a great time in Chicago and as soon as you find the time, draw some new material BECAUSE WE REALLY NEED IT!!!!! (sorry, lost myself there)

3:44 AM  
Eolaí gan Fhéile said...

I don't think you can make a mistake.

It might be a KC comic but the name of K City is generic, or could be, so I don't see a need to change the name - you could move the characters to a different place within the same city they currently inhabit, and just take your inspiration from your new home as well as your old memories and visits back to KC. Just something small and token to note a change for everybody.

Once you have the background explained somewhere - and you already have - nobody can get offended. It's yours. Your visitors enjoy it and are unlikely to feel cheated with whatever decision you feel you have to make.

For what it's worth I launched a single-panel cartoon site this year called American Hell knowing full well I am planning to leave America and return to Europe in a matter of months - but I'll be keeping the name when I go. A name is just a name.

4:57 AM  
A Copywriter's Revenge said...

Don't move them. You don't need too. As far as anyone knows K-City is as real as Candy Land. It's the contents of your head (like the reference?), not the city you're in.

I miss ya friend. Hope you get settled in there soon.

12:58 PM  
Marianne said...

Good Luck with your new job and hope you get settled in Chicago real soon. I know some wonderful young women who just moved to Chicago from Lawrence. Wouldn't it be funny if you met them on the "L" or at a bar there....

9:14 AM  
Erin said...

You can't stop now! Why not have the characters experience the move with you? I can imagine that a new city offers plenty of new dating woes.

1:38 PM  
Meggy said...

Hey. I just wanted to say that I stumbled over your comic strips by googling for .. well.. comic strips. I love them; they're hilarious. I like how you deal with real life issues in them.

Anyways, I agree with the 'sexual tension' deal-i-o between K and B. We need closure or your fans will never forgive you! :o

9:05 PM  
kmb said...

Sexual tension? Closure? Oh, please - they're FRIENDS. What's wrong with remaining just friends? Dang - don't need another "Who's the Boss?" story. Talk about jumping the shark.

It's a great strip, even though I've never, ever seen myself in even one panel of any strip - really. (Yeah, that's my story.)

I hope you find it within you to keep it going, in whatever incarnation you desire. It's all good.

9:29 AM  
KFad said...

If there is sexual tension now, imagine if K and B got an apartment together and relocated to Chicago. It sounds like a sitcom already.

Oh, and they totally have to make out. At least once. You know how I know? Because it's Wednesday. It's business, it's business time!

8:25 AM  
Barbara said...

Please, don't mention any of last weekend's partying on the K-City Chicago version. Unless you want to ashame all of us...=P

8:24 AM  
Patrick said...

You could at least try out the Chicago angle by having them go on a vacation there (say, B wins a 2-week vacation to Chicago, and has trouble finding a girl to go with him, so he ends up settling with K to go).

If the Chicago angle isn't working with the strip, just have them go back. Or if is, you could have them decide to relocate or something.

Just a suggestion. You can still keep the strip around, but delay the decision.

7:55 PM  
name said...

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