Hey B, remember that girl you used to have a crush on? --The flawless one? --Right. Remember how you said the only way you'd stop crushing on her would be if you could find a big flaw in her? -- But she's perfect! --What if I said she was here... in a miniskirt? --Oh thanks. Like seeing her half-naked isn't going to make things worse! --Trust me, you should go say hi to her. She's sitting right over there. --Fine. But if you're making fun of me I'll get you when I'm back. --I never thought I'd say this, but... Viva cellulite.


Bruno said...

Hello again and thanks for bearing with my long break. Moving to a different city, getting used to a new job (and a new workload), figuring out your new home... all those things take time. I'm glad you're back, though.

The first 6-panel strip I ever wrote was the one in which B leaves K City. Then I realized I still had too long of a backlog of written stories for B and K. So I'm keeping him around for a little bit longer (before I start working on the spin-off, which will come). In the meantime I want to spend some time writing more of these commentaries.

Longtime readers of this strip (and/or my friends) know about the (never seen) character of the girl B (and K!) got a crush on. I love the concept of crushing, and the real-life crush of mine hung around for a while. So I wrote lots of little stories about her -- and some more on getting over that crush. Some of which you've read here (Horrible Friend, Even K, End of a Crush), some of which you still will.

About who that crush was, I'm not telling if you weren't there. The funny part is that I know she used to read the strip, but I don't think she ever connected the dots I was writing about her. I wonder if I'd ever have a chance with her if she found out.

Of course, then she would read this one and it'd be all over.

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