Did she bring your tab? --Yeah. Hey, what's 150% of $22? --Hold on... $33. But if you're trying to figure out her tip, most of us here would ask what 15% of $22 is. 20%, maybe. --No, it's fine. --Hehe, it's always funny when you get a crush on the bartender. --Not tonight, it isn't. Do you have 25 bucks I can borrow?


Blogger Bruno said...

This is one of the strips I wrote after I arrived in Chicago (which is a good sign, as far as this strip goes). The dialogue is imaginary but the muse here has been an actual bartender at a bar I've been to, a couple of times. Every time I go, I think "wow, that's the bartender I fell in love with last time?" Then she brings me beers and it happens -- I'm crushing all over again.

When I publish the K City book (and don't be fooled -- it'll happen), I'm going to give her one, with a note thanking her for the inspiration, and my phone number. Although I think that, if she ever calls, it'll be to ask why I never actually tipped her $33. Women are so literal.

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