B., did you really ask the girl from the x-ray place out? --Sure did. You’d figure she, of all people, would know that beauty is on the inside. --That was awful. How did it go, though? --She said ‘sorry, i sort of have a boyfriend.’ why do you girls do that? Either you have a boyfriend or you don’t. What’s with this ‘sort of’ crap? --Maybe she sort of thought you were an idiot, and sort of wanted to let you down easy. Sort of. --Maybe you are sort of buying your own drinks tonight.


Blogger Michael Bussmann said...

Number 102! What a nice surprise. It is half past seven in Germany and I think the day is starting off quite well.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous kmb said...

come on, tony - give us k city comedy junkies some new strips!

1:49 PM  

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